Friday Harbor Family Vacation (Washington Photographer)

So after a crazy week back to work following vacation, I was finally able to sit back and edit some personal photos of our week on Friday Harbor. I personally had no idea what to expect from our visit there but was excited to see someplace new and that was relatively close to home (3.5 hours is close in our book ;).  You guys! It was like a Norman Rockwell Painting! I kid you not, it was absolutely gorgeous! The scenery was breathtaking, the quiet slow pace was unbelievably refreshing and exactly what our little family needed to recharge. We spent our days hiking, reading, napping, playing on a rope swing, and wildlife observing. I have never in my life seen so many deer! It was nutty! They were everywhere! But back to my point, this little majestic island was incredible. We had an awesome time and I definitely took advantage of the gorgeous landscape and made my self get up early to catch sunrise and late to see it set. Hope you enjoy! And if you can, make the trip to Roche Harbor on Friday Harbor. IT IS SO WORTH IT!